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I Miss them so much you really never realize how much you miss someone until their gone and you can no longer talk to them, oh how i miss our conversations the laughs and smiles that would come from us being together, how i miss the comfort of being in your arms feeling so secure in the warmth of your love, laying on your chest feeling every inch that i could reach and listening to your heart beat, how i miss that moment when our eyes meet and that moment we kiss the passion i felt the love and that spark of knowing that no one else mattered that there was no other person in the world that could make me feel so inlove as you did the, how i miss holding your hand and showing everyone how much you ment to me. i miss making enemies from the people who disliked that we were so happy i miss vasting in the praise that people would give us when we were seen together after so long.

you are the light in my darkness you are the one that made me feel like a whole you are the person who i can hinestly call my love my bestfriend. the person i wanted to make a furture with, the fact that you are no longer here with me to keep me happy and safe you’ve broken me you’ve made me feel like the world has left from right under my feet that i have no support to keep me standing that i no longer have my balance! 

i miss everything about you and its strange how the littlest things reminds me of you and how every little sound and smell makes me wonder how you are. i want to hold anything that smells like you i want to hold you one more time and tell you that i love you. 

i feel that there is nothing i can do i am hallow

The nieve

There are definitely people in this world who cannot seem to perceive reality from any other form of unrealistic meanings such as being oblivious to sarcasim or a hint. There should be no reason that some one cannot understand when a person is let’s say unhappy or trying to tell you something with out being completely blunt about what ever it is they may ie. Want or go to or even to do. If you have known someone for a long period of time then why is it that you cannot understand the intentions someone is trying to abide to? However you do have thoes people who seem to know everything it is you may want to do ect. The second the unobvious hint hit their ears. Why can no one be as consistant and perceptive as others?! Well I guess that has to do with the inconsistant fact that we are all become socially retarded in our growth and expansion of “electronics & social medias” there is no more face to face contact everything is in text form or some sort of status or picture nothing is as it should be!